About Us

We are a Latin American literary agency that aims to spread the voices of our authors and attract new readers from all over the world, with a special focus in the Asia-Pacific region.

We represent writers, illustrators and publishers from Latin America and Spain and have vast experience and understanding of the Latin American market, based on the expertise of our CEO, the acclaimed journalist Vivian Lavín. 

How we do it?




Vivian Lavin

Recognized journalist, writer and literary agent with more than 25 years of experience in the publishing/editing and creation of Latin American cultural materials. Has written 4 books based on her interviews of an ever-increasing list of Latin American writers, artists, and also testimonies from women prisoners during the Chilean Pinochet’s regime.

She is also editor and conductor of the awarded radio show called Vuelan las Plumas (Pens Fly). Member of the Jury of the Narrative Iberoamerican Manuel Rojas Prize 2016, Member of the Lecture and Book Observatory and Member of the Public Libraries Recommendations Committee.

Her work has been awarded from different relevant institutions: Chilean Writers Society and Chilean Spanish Academy, among others.

Andrés Nassar

Being a distinguished advertiser with more than 30 years of experience. He created and developed BancoEstado´s Film Competition, one of the main promotional chilean filming programm.

He was an associated partner of BBDO- Chile for 15 years and won a Cannes bronze Lyon in 1995, FIAP’S Grand Prix in 1991 and New York Festival’s Golden Medal in 2000, among others. Currently, he is an associated partner in Sámara Ltda.