A Sip of Tea

"A Sip of Tea" depicts the encounters and misunderstandings of a girl and a young man. "It's a love story, but it's a very open love story. It could be a story between friends or between lovers. The message behind it is that to achieve something in life you need to risk something else. It's part of the game. You lose a friend but you get a boyfriend, or you lose a boyfriend and you get a book."

Regarding the motif that led her to write this book the author says: "In my house there has always been a tea pot. My family is of Chinese descent, of which only two inherited costumes remain: the food and the tea.
My grandmother used to teach my cousins and I how to serve tea. And I've always liked the belief of drinking tea as a ceremony, a moment that is always different, always unique."

In "A Sip of Tea" Sheila Alvarado has traced a story of strong symbolic and emotional content, a story to treasure in memory.

A cup of tea is a very small world: it seems that the only characters are the dark flavoured liquid waving inside and the hands holding the delicate porcelain. However, this world also includes a conversation, a morning, afternoon and evening. And it is also the setting for a beautiful love story.
Two friends meet up for tea and end up stuck in a magical tea cup.  Every time they try to touch, the tea cup expands like the ocean separating the sugar cubes that keeps them afloat. Will it be worth trying to hold hands, adjust their hair or kiss even if they might not know when they´ll see each other again?

Having Tea is the story of two people who sail over a cup of tea without being able to touch each other. The enchantment that keeps them castaways, forces them to spend their lives floating on sugar cubes while surviving to that enforced distance. Will they ever be reunited again?

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