Decisions Series

This series consists of five books, all of which have endings that depend on the reader's decisions. Each of the novels are independent from the others, nevertheless the protagonist is always named in the previous book as part of the story.
Suggested age: 10+

Camila’s Decision/ The Two Faces of Sofia/ Micaela’s Confession/ The Other Life of Belén/ Lucia’s Search

A thirteen year old named Camila receives a text on her cellphone that leaves her very intrigued. She doesn’t know if she should follow the impulse and find out what it’s about, or stay calm that Saturday at home. As the hours go by, she remembers key moments in her life: the love that united her with her best friend, her relationship with her family, the separation of her parents, her first period. Later, she’ll have to make a difficult decision. This is where you help! What Camila does (and the consequences she faces) depends on your decision as well.

A fourteen year old named Sofia is the most popular and most admired girl in the school. She’s beautiful, charismatic, a leader, egocentric, and makes people call her by her nickname, Soff. Her life seems perfect, but things aren't always what they seem. Which is the real Sofia? What terrible secret does she hide in the loft of her home? Learn all about Sofia, Camila’s arch nemesis, and dare to make a decision that will lead the protagonist to have an ending that will depend on your own choice.

Micaela opens her Twitter and finds herself reading one word that destroys her: TRAITOR. The worst part is that the accusation is from her best friend, Constanza. From that moment, she begins to relive the moments in history that caused her to act the way she did. In that journey of memories and thoughts, of struggles and confessions, very painful secrets will come to light. What will you do in the end? Her destiny depends on what you decide!

Belén is cheerful, expressive, curious and friendly. Something that characterizes her is the sparkle in her eyes and her eternal smile. However, some big and definitive changes will make her face dark situations that she’s never imagined. Now, she doesn’t smile: she’s just a shadow of the girl she was before, it’s as if she had changed her life and her personality. What caused this overturn? Will she be able to be who she was before? Part of it depends on a key decision in which you will be a part of.

Lucia discovers a truth that changes the perspective she had of her family. The bitterness that increased after the birth of her brother turns her away from those who really love her. Now she is in danger, and she needs to meet again to face her new reality. Her destiny depends on your choice!

Golden Book Award 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, Uruguay.

Children & Ya
Cecilia Curbelo
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial
Rights sold: France, Belgium (French), Colombia and Peru