Micaela's Confession/ Even If He Is Not Here/ Agustina's Way

A compilation of Cecilia's most renowed books from her three famous series: Decisions, Even if and Haphazard. Books that address and reflect on issues related to teenagers and young adults like anorexia and bulimia, the death of someone we love, drugs, sisterhood, mistery and danger of internet exposure, respectively.

Micaela opens her Twitter and finds herself reading one word that destroys her: traitor. The worst part is that the accusation is from her best friend, Constanza. From that moment, she begins to relive the moments in history that caused her to act the way she did. In that journey of memories and thoughts, of struggles and confessions, very painful secrets will come to light. What will you do in the end? Her destiny depends on what you decide!                                                                             

Bruno plans to run away. Flee from his home, and from his family- or what's left of it - after his father's death. He can’t tolerate seeing everything that matters disintegrate. His brother Guillermo’s attitude and the apparent indifference of his mother only aggravate the situation. Only the music his father listens brings peace to the situation. Bruno and Guille, immersed in the battle to survive the duel, face each other. In that fight they must also face someone else: themselves.

Agustina has a strong character and a great weakness: her sister Renata, whom she has noticed is weird. Even though Agus secretly listens to conversations, she still doesn’t know what’s happening. What she does know is that she loves her dog Hakuna (who she shares with her best friend Maxi), that her father is sad, that her grandfather needs more care and that her sister’s boyfriend Lalo is fed up. When the truth comes into the light she’ll want to solve things in her own way. In Agustina’s way!

Golden Book Award 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, Uruguay.

Children & Ya
Cecilia Curbelo
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial