Until She Goes No More and Other Texts

The stylization of the spoken language in the writing makes this compilation of short novels a masterpiece of female and Latin American narrative.


Among the hills of the slopes of the Coast are my father’s lands. It’s amusing to me that they should be called that. I never saw the sea from there. My sister, Esther, is familiar with the ocean. She arrives with the news that even the earth smells differently and that from a distance one can feel the noise of the waves. To each one of us she gives a shell and teaches us to listen to the sound of the sea. It is a broken, remote sound, so distant that at times it disappears. I run my tongue over the shell. It is salty and smells somewhat disgusting. But I like it, and want to know the ocean.
Around here the landscape is immense. It is like an avalanche, the sky over the hills, waving in the wind with all the shades of gray. It envelops the curve of this land hardly touched by green and always covered with a blanket of dark, dry and dreary dust.

1997: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award Finalist

A book that brings together four short novels. The outstanding Until She Goes No More takes place during the Unidad Popular, a political alliance period, under the democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende, and continues until the years following the military coup headed by Augusto Pinochet in 1973. It narrates the story of a provincial girl whose natural innocence makes her a victim of the deformations of an adult. This narrative situation allows the unfolding of a new vision of the rural world, whose beauty hides the merciless harassment of the landlords over the defenselessness of the servitude, through a language of surprising stylistic elegance and poetic evocative capacity.

Along with Tide, Japanese Garden and Material Fatigue, they form a literary body inhabited by female characters and worlds that make us travel through intimate and sinuous environments, childhood, desolation, abuse of power, concealment and denial, which reveal the rarefaction of sensuality, seduction and eroticism. 

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Beatriz García-Huidobro
LOM Ediciones
English, French / Sold in Spain
14 x 21,5 cm