Luisa 1912

A feminist in centennial Chile

With an engaging, amusing and period-appropriate writing, “Luisa 1912” transports us to the Chilean Belle Époque in all its splendor and immerses us in the story of a brilliant young woman who will have to go through disappointments, lies and life’s hardships  to find the path to her freedom.

Luisa Clementina will turn twenty-three years old and, for the society she lives in, she will soon become a woman whose youth came to be a treasure she could not take advantage of or, as her family would say, a sad and pathetic old spinster. 

Tired of living under the rules of a father that does not let pursuit her dream of studying medicine, Luisa will rebel and renounce to her hot tub baths, the rice powders that hide her dark complexion and the delicacies prepared by maids, in order to get what she has been denied so much. Disguised as a working class man, she will discover a classist and imminently masculine world where women have no voice nor vote. Fortunately, she will cross paths with Víctor Viviani, an Italian businessman, and his uncle Eulalio, who will offer her their help to  clandestinely take the exam she needs to get into university.

“I could see that mouth which had not yet experienced the passion of a kiss, that womb which had not yet begot with life under the cotton nightgown. In four days it will be February 24 th , I would turn twenty-three years of age and I would most definitely become that type of woman whose treasure had never being seized: a spinster”.

Daniela Viviani
Editorial Planeta