Victor 1907

A young woman facing the conservative and patriarchal society of the early 20th century.

While deep discontent affects the saltpetre miners of northern Chile, twins Victor and Luisa Carvajal dream of traveling to the great Santiago to continue their plan to study and thus glimpse a prosperous future in the business world. Unfortunately, the lack of resources that affect the family only allows for the journey of one: Victor. Luisa, confined to domestic life and overwhelmed by the news that her parents have communicated to her, finds no greater consolation than to seek work as a lunch counter, a trade exercised exclusively by men. Being aware of her condition as a woman, young Luisa will borrow her brother's clothes and disguise herself secretly to find the remote possibility of freedom. However, what begins as innocent role-playing will set in motion a progression-first slow and then irreversible-that will leave behind the witty and incisive Luisa she believed herself to be.

Set in the midst of the workers' conflict that culminates in the Santa María School massacre, Victor 1907 is a moving and epic story of a woman ahead of her time. A brave and passionate novel where Daniela Viviani portrays the voice of an exceptional character who is at the same time fragile and revolutionary.

“My dear brother, while in the great city your little eyes are filled with colors, mine are recreated with the same landscape of every morning and the same monotony seems to affect those around me. Won't these souls feel like waking up and doing something different from what they are used to? What would I pay to see men stuck in the kitchen and women with shovels in their hands! I hope that soon my gaze will atrophy so I don't need to care about what is in front of me anymore”.

Daniela Viviani
Editorial Planeta