Hands of the Soul

A valuable and unique research on the sculptural art of Rapa Nui/Easter Island.

With pages in b/w and color, Sofía Abarca introduces the history of sculptural art and the traditional Rapa Nui handcrafts from the hands of the renowned sculpturist, Tomás Tuki Tepano. From this viewpoint, this project is one of the best acknowledgements of a culture recognized for its efforts to develop in total isolation —but with the power to manage, adapt and survive—an exceptional case in the history of humankind. 

After more than 30 years of hard work, research and acknowledgements, Tomás Tuki Tepano opens new routes for the development of the island’s sculptural art craft and replication, re-signifying the symbolism of his trade through the provision of certain emotional and spiritual character to his creations. As an inspired sculptor and a perfectionist artisan, his effort us on the promotion and enhancement of rapa nui art, in the conservation and transmission of these expressions, which constitute the essence of his culture. Since we know that the Rapa Nui sculptures expression and carving craft only exists in this territory, everything that happens here is a heterotopic equivalent.

Hands of the Soul received the support of the Chilean Ministry of Culture in 2013 “because of the quality of its proposal, for both the research and the edition of this book”.

Sofía Abarca
Spanish & English (bilingual)
Intellectual Property Registry Nº 2288932015