Paula Ilabaca Núñez

Paula Ilabaca

Writer, teacher and editor. Master in Higher Education, Bachelor in Hispanic American Language and Literature, Bachelor in Education and Teacher of Spanish. She received the Pablo Neruda Award 2015, the Floral Games Award 2014 and the Critics of Literary Press Award in Chile UDP 2010. She has twice received the Literary Creation Scholarship awarded by the National Book and Reading Council in Chile. Among her publications we find in poetry Peninsulas, RIL Editores (2019), The Loose Pearl, Editorial Cuarto Propio (2009) and the novel The Rule of Nine, Emecé (2015). She is the founder of the micro-editorial Cástor y Pólux. She is dedicated to teaching and literary workshops.


Closed Road Ahead

A book that talks about those female mouths and voices that fall silent on a closed road.

“They always said I was the best. Maybe they were right, maybe I did stand out from the others. I always handled what they requested, did whatever they told me. I held truth and justice in my hands and used them to get the job done; pain and death were always nearby and I became immersed in both. With my hands open or closed, I was there. This could be my story or not. This could be the story of three friends growing up, and me falling into a deep, endless spiral of encounters. I see myself, a young woman, digging into whatever he suggested and instructed, into the lives of other people, into their grieving and silences, into their difficulties. I see myself in an echo of basins and cells, in holes I called memories. I look at myself in a mirror that keeps on bending, the mirror of my face. I lie, dream a lot, telling myself: it’s late, it’s late, Leiva, and you’ll run to work and see him, yes, you’ll see him again standing in front of you, like that morning, but he won’t be burned; you’ll see him alive and you’ll have him in front of you, and you won’t know what to do.”.

In Santiago at the end of 2006, when the criminalization of femicide in Chile did not yet exist, Homicide Brigade detective Amparo Leiva, at the height of her career as a police officer, had to face the investigation for murder of a woman at the hands of her lover. That crime scene will open old doors from her past and bring an old case that marked her beginnings as a detective. On the verge of an important destination to another city and involved in an administrative summary, admired by her police procedures and, at the same time, questioned by her peers, Leiva will be entangled in a threatening plot which only her memories will manage to bring her back to the light.

Paula Ilabaca Núñez
LOM Ediciones
156 pp
14 x 21,5 cm